Student Workshop

At the end of August students at the Saugus Middle School had an opportunity to meet their new classmates before the official start of the school year. My assignment was to photograph the students interacting with each other. In one of the classrooms the students were playing a game. Knowing this was my best opportunity to show a fun game taking place I quickly put myself into position to create this image.

Nikon D4s, 1/125 @ f/7.1, ISO 2200, 24-70mm


Photographing people in candid expressive moments can be challenging. Usually, once a person senses a camera pointed in their direction the moment can be lost. This image was taken at a recent outdoor town event. I was able to capture this little girl playing with a bubble wand after hanging around for a while. Patients and anticipation are key in capturing expressive moments.

Nikon D4s, 1/1250 @ f/4.5, ISO 200, 70-200mm


Driving back from one of my assignments I noticed Colby Farm in Newbury had its large field of sunflowers in bloom. The framing possibilities are endless and I went back to the field a few more times for sunrise and sunset.

Nikon D810, 1/320 @ f/20, ISO400, 24-70mm, HDR on a tripod

Nikon D4s, 1/1600 @ f7.1, ISO 200, 70-200mm

Nikon D4s, 1/250 @ f10, ISO 200, 70-200mm

Nikon D810. 1/30 @ f20, ISO 400, 24-70mm, off camera flash handheld

Nikon D3s, 1/125 @ f/16, ISO 200, 70-200mm

Chicken Dance

I don't cover a lot of concerts for Gatehouse Media and the hardest part of covering the assignment was being able to move around freely. Gaining access is one of the most important part of being able to properly photograph an assignment. Most of the moments I saw while covering the 92.5 Newburyport Riverfront Music Festival I was unable to photograph because I couldn't get to them in time. This image came together as I was leaving the assignment. The 92.5 River mascot was making its way through the crowd when all of a sudden a guest came up and they started dancing. This photo ended up being one of the better images my that assignment.

Nikon D810, 1/125 @f13, ISO 180, 24-70mm

Supermoon Eclipse

I was thrilled to have photographed the rare supermoon eclipse last night. This photograph was taken around 10:45 pm, at the peak of the eclipse in the Boston area. After finding a dark parking lot with a clear view of the night sky I set up my tripod and started creating images. The next supermoon eclipse wont happen until 2033, so I was glad the Boston area had clear skies last night.

Nikon D810, 1/3 sec @f/5.6, ISO 3200, 500mm with a 1.4x, on a tripod

Light Painting a Peacock Feather

Light painting is a unique way to light a scene with only a flashlight. This technique really creates a different looking and feeling image. The process of taking the photograph takes place in complete darkness. A long shutter speed is used with the camera on a tripod and trial and error come into play as you learn how much light can be used in the scene. With light painting you can really control where you light your image. This can help emphasize certain areas of your image. I used a small pen light to light this image, but any light big or small will work depending on your subject.

Nikon D810, 8 seconds @f/22, ISO 200, 24-70mm, on a tripod, lit with a pen light

Here are two light paintings I created during a workshop with photographer Dave Black.

Nikon D800, multiple seconds, on a tripod, lit with a pen light

Nikon D800, multiple seconds, on a tripod, lit with a pen light

Rowing on the Mystic River

Members of the Medford High School rowing team practice on the Mystic River.

For this assignment I was on a small motorboat with the coach. We trailed alongside the crews and I photographed whiled the coach yelled out commands to his athletes. The dramatic sky and clouds made for an interesting image.

Nikon D4s, 1/320 @ f/16, ISO 100, 24-70mm

Misty Morning

I'm not usually a morning person, but for an opportunity to capture a beautiful sunrise along the countryside, it's worth getting up for.

This image appeared before me while I was driving to a sunrise location for a morning photo shoot. While driving down a road in Newbury, MA I saw this scene as I rounded a corner and had to pull over and create some images. I used a tripod due to low lighting conditions and hope to make another trip to this location sometime this fall.

Nikon D810, 1/13 @ f/22, ISO 100, on a tripod

The Waiting Game

Members of the Medford High School golf team wait for their opponents, from Everett High School, on the 6th green at Unicorn Golf Club in Stoneham.

I usually photograph golf with long lenses, but when I saw storm clouds rolling in I turned to my wide angle lens to create this image. Golf is a great sport to be creative with. It's always fun to use a wide angle lens to capture a different angle of a more subtle moment. When possible it's a good idea to try and break away from the usual action images and look for more intimate moments.

Nikon D4s, 1/1600 @f/11, ISO 2000, 24-70mm

Cross Country

High school athletes from Peabody and Marblehead compete in a fall season cross country race.

Cross country can be a difficult sport to photograph and be creative. I've always found the start of the race to be a good time to experiment with low angles and wide lenses. When I arrived at the field and saw the setting sun I was hoping to capture an image like what I've shown below. The main difficulty in capturing this very low angle shot image was the fact I was unable to looking through the viewfinder, due to the angle being so extremely. I pre-focused the camera, held it on the ground and was able to capture this image all by pre-visualization.

Nikon D4s, 1/1000 @f/13, ISO 280, 24-70mm

Squam Rock

I've photographed the beach and lighthouse around Squam Rock in Gloucester many times. This location usual results in nice images as long as mother nature plays her part with a good sunset.

With minimal cloud cover in the sky I wasn't sure if a nice sunset was going shape up this evening. I took the drive to Gloucester anyway with fingers crossed. By the time I arrived the sun was glowing bright red through the hazy August evening sky. I took this image as I was walking down the hill towards the beach and lighthouse.

Squam Rock and the surrounding beach are a very beautiful area and even though I've photographed there many times before I know I'll go back and I'm sure to find something new that catches my eye next time.

Nikon D3S, 1/400 @f/11, ISO 640, 70-200mm

Kauai, Hawaii

It's difficult for me to capture beautiful images while trying to balance family and photography on vacation. I love experiencing a new place and I try to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the locations I visit. It is rewarding to create a photograph which makes someone feel like the are experiencing first hand the beauty of what I try and capture. Finding good light is the most challenging part of creating amazing landscape photographs on vacation. Landscape photography is all about good light and adverse weather conditions is not always a bad thing. On vacation you don't have control over what Mother Nature hands out, you just have to try and make the best of it. The easiest time of day for me to capture good light is early in the morning, leaving sunset to spend time with family.

Nikon D810, 2 seconds @ f/20, ISO 64, 24-70mm, circular polarizing filter, on a tripod

Nikon D810, 1/400 @f/9, ISO 1800, 70-200mm

Fuji X-T1, 1/150 @ f/4.5, ISO 200, 18-55mm

I don't always bring a large DSLR around with me, but having a camera is a must. I love using my Fuji for the times I'm out to lunch with family or going for a walk. I hardly notice the weight or bulk and having one with you is a good start to capturing a spontaneous moment. I spotted this lizard as it was camouflaged against the leaf of this plant. I was lucky it stayed long enough for me to capture this image.

Nikon D810, 1/20 @ f/16, ISO 64, 24-70mm, circular polarizing filter, on a tripod

Nikon D810, 1/40 @ f/16, ISO 500, 24-70mm, circular polarizing filter, on a tripod

Nikon D810, 1/100 @ f/13, ISO 640, 24-70mm, circular polarizing filter, on a tripod

Hanalei Bay, seen above, is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. Thanks to Jon Gibb Photography and his expertise around the island he showed me this off the beaten path with this incredible view. I captured this panoramic image of Hanalei Bay with four photographs processed with Lightroom and Photoshop.