Fighting Fire

This week took an unfortunate turn with multiple large fires in various towns north of Boston. I listen to a police and fire scanner when I'm home and just as I was about to take a shower I heard a call come in for a fully involved house fire in Beverly. I quickly grabbed my gear and headed to the scene. I arrived just as firefighters were laying out a hose line to a fire hydrant. Everyone made it out of the house safely and firefighters were able to extinguish the flames.  More photos can be seen at Wicked Local Beverly

Nikon D4s, 1/250 @ f/2.8, ISO 720, 70-200mm

Nikon D3s, 1/50 @ f/2.8, ISO 6400, 17-35mm

Nikon D3s, 1/80 @ f/4.5, ISO 6400, 17-35mm

This fire happened in Malden the following morning. I just arrived at my first assignment when I saw a text message alerting me to a 2-alarm fire in Malden. I wasn't far away but I had to photograph my first assignment, edit it and send it to the editor because I was on deadline. After quickly editing photos in my car and sending images to my editor I headed to the fire which at this point had turned into 3-alarms. When I finally got to the scene firefighters were mostly overhauling the building. I only had a short time to photograph the scene because I had another assignment I needed to get to. Read the story here at Wicked Local Malden.

Nikon D4s, 1/250 @ f/5.6, ISO 110, 70-200mm